Summary of Endpoints

MethodEndpoint PathPurpose
POST/oauth​/accesstokenRequest an access token using OAuth 2.0 to authenticate as a Netspend partner. Client credentials are required to generate the API access token.
POST/sessionsCreates a new session.
GET/sessions​/{session_id}Returns the non-secure information about a session.
PATCH/sessions​/{session_id}Updates session source type and ID.
Can only update sessions from:
- anonymous to account or person
- account to person
POST/accountsCreates a new account.
GET/accounts/{account_id}Gets profile and status information about an account.
POST/peopleCreates a new person for an account.
Note: A failed OFAC or KYC check will not cause this request to fail.
GET​/people/{person_id}Retrieves the description of a person.
PATCH/people/{person_id}Updates the person information.
POST/agreements/searchSearches for agreements by account creation context.
GET/people/{person_id}/agreementsGets accepted agreements for the given person.
GET/agreements/{agreement_id}Get details for an agreement.
PUT/people/{person_id}/agreements/{agreement_id}Records a person’s acceptance of an agreement.
GET/people/{person_id}/expected_useGets expected use questions for a person. Used for risk assessment. Only needed for certain product types i.e. DDA.
PUT/people/{person_id}/expected_useSubmits answers to expected use questions for a person.
POST/cards/brands/searchSearches for card brands.
POST/cards/physicalCreates and orders a new physical card.
PUT/cards/{card_id}/pinSets a PIN for and activates the card.
POST/cards/virtualCreates a new virtual card.
POST/cards/digitalCreates a new digital card.