Sample SDK Scenarios

Here you can find some sample scenarios for using the Netspend SDK.

Establishing a Session and Loading a Micro App

The following diagram illustrates a sample scenario outlining some of the fundamental steps for initiating a session and pull up a micro-app.

  • Netspend presumes that you have established a daily partner-level session between your back-end server and the Netspend API.
  • Later, when a user logs in to your mobile app, you can use a combination of calls between the SDK and the API to set up a user session.
  • Once the session is established, call up SDK features such as the locations micro app.

Session Enables Reading and Writing of Secure Data

When an account holder receives or sends secure data to or from the Netspend API, the data can be encrypted or decrypted by methods in the Netspend SDK, resident in the partner’s application, using the device JWK set information associated with the session.
The diagram below shows a flow where:

  • KYC identity questions are decrypted and displayed
  • Answers to the KYC identity questions are encrypted and submitted

Note: The device may not store any encrypted data it receives from the server.

Additional Notes

The Netspend SDK comes in 3 different forms to support a variety of application development options:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web (JavaScript)


You will need a SDK ID given to you by Netspend to initialize the SDK for use.