Reset PIN

ResetPIN is a deprecated micro app. This topic provides information on the available Netspend API alternate.

Reset PIN provides a simple user experience where the account holder enters their CVV, sets their PIN, and confirms it. To reset the PIN of an active card, the account holder must first be authenticated.

Micro App (Old)Netspend API (New)
Reset PIN (Deprecated)Netspend API endpoint – PUT ​/cards​/{card_id}​/pin

In this scenario, Bob wants to reset the PIN for his card.

  1. Bob checks the status of his card in the partner app, which in turn calls GET /card/{card_id}.
  2. After ensuring that the card is in active state, he selects reset PIN, which in turn calls PUT ​/cards​/{card_id}​/pin.

For more information, see Netspend API Reference: Cards