Debit Card Funding Alternate Verification

Debit Card Funding (DCF) Alternate Verification enables an account holder to enter their micro-debit amount to link a pending external debit card. An external debit card is considered pending if initial balance verification during the first pass of DCF linking had failed.


You provide dcfAltVerification as the purpose to use this micro app as shown in the sample code below:

          purpose: 'dcfAltVerification',
          passcode: 'abcd1234',
          params: {
            cardId: cardIdToVerify
          onStateChange(event, data) {
            // When the micro app state is changed.
          onEvent(event, data) {
            // An event happened that you may want to track.
            window.console.log('event emitted', event, data);


cardIdThe Netspend provided card Identifier that the account holder wants to activate.


mfeDcfAltVerification.successImageImage on a screen showing successful card linkage to the Netspend account. Should be an image data URL. Default image size is 100x100 px.
mfeDcfAltVerification.warningImageImage on a screen showing failure to verify a pending card. Should be an image data URL. Default image size is 260x144 px.


The below code sample illustrates how to use branding:

await NetspendSDK.microApp.initialize({
        container: HTMLElement,
        sdkId: string,
        theme: NetspendSdkTheme,
        branding: {
        'mfeDcfAltVerification': {
          'successImage': successImageUrl
          'warningImage': warningImageUrl


startedActivate card UI loaded and can be used by the account holder (user).
failedToStartActivate card UI failed to load for the account holder (User).
linkedCardAddedThe external debit card has been successfully linked.


failedToStartThe SDK failed to initialize the UI.

Debit Card Funding Alternate Verification Micro App Sample Screen