Netspend API Overview

The Netspend API

The RESTful Netspend API enables you to offer customers access to embedded finance features like branded debit card accounts, direct deposit, mobile check loads, payback rewards, savings accounts, and more. You can customize your customers' experience using our API and we provide the "REST".

Details for the APIs can be found in the reference here: API Reference Overview

And downloads of the YAML specification can be found here: Netspend API Downloads

The SDK and Micro Apps

Apart from the API itself, there are two additional offerings integral to leveraging the functionality of the Netspend APIs:

  • The Netspend SDK— A library, available in web, iOS, and Android formats, that may be embedded within your application (see Netspend SDK Guide) to:
    • Establish account or person sessions with the Netspend API
    • Encrypt or decrypt secure data in communication with the Netspend API
    • Invoke convenient micro app interfaces for things such as bank linking etc.
  • Netspend Micro Apps— A collection of customizable, ready-to-use micro-applications designed to execute specific tasks within your application, such as, displaying a map of ATM locations. See Netspend Micro Apps