Replace Card

ReplaceCard is a deprecated micro app. This topic provides information on the available Netspend API alternate.

The Replace card feature lets the account holder have their physical card replaced for a valid reason. The account holder confirms the delivery address, and confirms the card replacement.

Micro App (Old)Netspend API (New)
Replace Card (Deprecated) Netspend API endpoint – POST​/cards​/physical

The account holder needs to select the replacement card brand to get the card replaced.

In this scenario, Sue already has a card (#1), but loses it and uses the partner app to report it as lost. The app gives her a couple of replacement options, and she selects one for order. When the replacement card arrives, she activates it.

Note: Closing the lost card should generally be done immediately to minimize any fraud related losses.

The steps that Sue takes are as below:

  1. Sue reports loss of card through partner app, which in turn calls POST /cards/{card_id #1}/close
    Note: This is an optional step. Though not mandatory, it’s recommended to minimize any fraud related losses.
  2. Sue gets a list of available replacement card brands through the partner app, which in turn calls GET /cards/brands/search.
  3. Sue selects a brand from the list and that in turn places an order for a replacement card POST /cards/physical.

For more information, see the Netspend API Reference: Cards.