Activate Card

ActivateCard is a deprecated micro app. This topic provides information on the available Netspend API alternate.

After the card holders receive a card, they need to create/set the Personal Identification Number (PIN) by reading and entering the security code (CVV number).

Micro App (Old)Netspend API (New)
Activate Card (Deprecated)Netspend API endpoint – PUT ​/cards​/{card_id}​/pin

The scenario of the “Activate Card” feature, for an end user, Sue:

  1. Sue is already onboarded as an end user.
  2. Sue has ordered a physical card and received it.
  3. Sue uses the partner app to connect to netspend API endpoint–PUT ​/cards​/{card_id}​/pin to create PIN for the card and activate it.

For more information, see the Netspend API Reference: Cards document.