Netspend API Quick Start

The Quick Start guide is designed to help you become acquainted with the procedures of utilizing the Netspend APIs. As you delve deeper into our documentation, you will gain knowledge about the features we provide and the mechanisms behind our APIs. If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

The steps involved in getting up and running with the Netspend API include:

  1. Creating an account— Create an account in the Netspend developer portal. See Create an Account on the Developer Portal
  2. Getting keys— Work with Netspend to gain privileges to your login, enabling you to access and generate API keys for the UAT environment. See Obtain Keys for the UAT Environment.

Note: Production API keys are provided directly by Netspend outside of the developer portal. See Obtain Production Keys

  1. Establishing a partner-level session— Use the API keys available to you in a request to the appropriate UAT or production Netspend API instance to generate an access token for a partner-level session. See Create a Production Access Token
  2. Establishing an account or person session— While you will be able to exercise a number of endpoints in the API with a partner-level session, some endpoints require either an account- or person-level session, and to establish such a session, you should be able to send encrypted device data. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Employing the Netspend SDK— Include the version of the Netspend SDK that is appropriate for your application's platform of choice: web (javascript), iOS, or Android.
    2. Using the self-service API (UAT only)— A "self-service" API is available through the developer portal. Navigate to the API section of the portal to see the API and make direct use of. See Self Service API.