A bank statement is an official summary of financial transactions occurring within a given period for a specific bank account held by a person.

Type of Account

At this time, statements are available for spending accounts, and are not yet available for savings accounts. As well, a single account holder's statement includes the primary account and any and all subacccounts, but not savings accounts.

Time Period

At this time, the time period for statements is by the month.

Who Can Request an Account Statement

The primary account holder and any secondary account holders can generate, view, and save account statements for the following accounts:

  • Primary Account
  • And and all subaccounts

Note: Subaccount holders cannot generate, view, or save account statements. Access to the statements is managed by the partners and not limited via Netspend API.

Details of the URL

The statement is not pre-generated. When the account holder requests the statement, a URL is dynamically created.

Time Limit of the URL

The URL provided, that the account holder uses to see and access the statement, is only usable for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the account holder requesting the statement receives a 404 response for “File not found.”

URL Cannot be Cached, Saved, Bookmarked

After accessing the statement on the URL, the account holder can download and save the statement itself on the account holder's device.
The URL and its online contents cannot be:

  • Cached by the partner
  • Saved online by the partner or account holder/statement requestor
  • Bookmarked by the account holder

After the Account is Closed

When an account is active, the statements are available through the application or through the APIs to the primary account holder and any secondary account holders.

If the account is closed, then customer service provides the statements upon request from the primary account holder or any secondary account holders.

Sample Flow

The sample flow below shows typical Netspend API interaction flow where an end user or card holder wants to see statements in their partner-created mobile app.