Payback Rewards


Payback Rewards is a program offered via the Netspend API that allows users to receive cash back from visiting an assortment of retailers.



The Payback Rewards program provides accountholders opportunities to earn one-time rebates (e.g. "cash back") on purchases made at select participating merchants. A customer is targeted with personalized cash back offers based on their transaction history and spending habits. The feature provides a premium reward benefit similar to those offered on a bank account or credit card.

*Note: The participating merchants are not NetSpend’s partners or vendors. Cardlytics manages the participating merchants and corresponding offer campaigns. NetSpend retrieves the offers that Cardlytics creates with the merchants. The merchants don't work with NetSpend or target NetSpend customers specifically. The merchants establish targeting criteria for which segments of NetSpend's customers qualify. The merchants fund the rewards to customers from these offers.

Sample Flow

The diagram below is a sample flow of how a partner might make use of the Netspend API Payback Rewards endpoints to help their end user consumers enroll in the program and subsequently receive rewards.


Target Location and Channel

Netspend’s current Payback Rewards offering is closely tied to Cardlytics, and some of their concepts around offers are exposed through the API. One thing of significance is the relativity of an offer to the target location and channel the offer is intended to appear in, which affects messaging and images made available in order to maintain consistent presentation of the offers.

Here are a couple of tables describing the possible values for location and channel as they apply to Netspend’s usage via the API.


emailFor email advertising channel
mmsMultimedia text messaging channel
mobile_appNative mobile device applications channel
mobile_walletMobile Wallet application channel
mobile_webMobile Online Banking, the mobile specific online banking
olbOnline Banking, the typical online banking website channel
smsText messaging channel


alternateAn alternate area of a channel display where featured offers would be placed
dashboardAn area of a channel which features the rewards program’s education,
instructions, or other things for interfacing with the rewards program other than
viewing offer details and rewards.
emailActivatable email
landingCustomer landing page for a website or web application
mapA map view such as MapQuest
map_listA view that is specifically associated with a map interface
mmsMultimedia text messaging channel
smsText Messaging Channel
summaryAn area of a channel which displays a summary of the customer’s rewards and/or offers.
transactionUnderneath or relative to a specific debit/credit transaction
widget_account_overviewAccount Overview area of the Widget
widget_creditCredit area of the widget
widget_debitDebit area of the widget