External Card Transfers


The External Card Transfers feature provides a means to add funds to an account (top up) using an external debit card. The endpoints included in this document are categorized in the Netspend API specification under External Card.

External Card Transfer Usage

The External Card Transfer feature currently supports only debit card funding (DCF), which is the method of funding a Netspend account from a user’s 3rd party (non-Netspend) debit card.

Successful usage of the Netspend API for this purpose does require some integration, on the partner’s part, with a Netspend microapp in order to link an external card to an account in the Netspend system. Once linked, the Netspend API provides external card lookup, unlink, and transfer functionality.

Debit Card Funding Scenario

Below is a flow showing some of the most relevant interactions with the Netspend API and systems when performing a debit card funding using a partner mobile app.

Add a Debit Card

  • The user uses a partner mobile app installed on their phone to register an external debit card to execute debit card funding.
  • The partner app directs the user to a microapp where they link a debit card to their account.

Transfer Funds with External Debit Card

  • User clicks in the partner mobile app to fund the account with a debit card.
  • The partner mobile app calls to the partner’s server, which then retrieves a list of external cards from the Netspend API to present to the user.
  • The user selects a card and initializes fund transfer.
  • The partner mobile app calls to the partner’s server, which then initiates and executes a transfer via the Netspend API.
  • Transfer is complete and new balance is displayed.

Note: Verification of debit cards is done through a small amount of money transfer.

External Card Withdrawal Webhooks

Payload data type: “external_card”

Account External Card Withdrawal CompletedAn external card transfer withdrawal has completed

For more information on webhooks, see Webhook.