Remote Deposit Capture


At a high level, the Remote Deposit Capture feature allows a partner’s end users to deposit funds to their accounts by capturing an image of a check with their smartphone via Ingo’s mobile check cashing service.



  • The partner includes the Netspend SDK (see Sessions) in their mobile application, which in turn makes use of Ingo’s mobile SDK to capture and process checks (see the Ingo Developer Center for more info on the Ingo SDK).
  • Netspend API endpoints are first called to generate an Ingo authorization token for a given Netspend account.
  • The Netspend SDK is then called to launch the Ingo check scan feature in the Ingo SDK.
  • The Ingo SDK then, with the Netspend account’s authorization token in hand, presents a UI (a microapp) to the user for capturing a check image.
  • Ingo’s micro app captures the check image and communicates it to the Ingo back end, which, if successful, leads to the transfer of funds into the authorized Netspend account.

Note that enrollment in the Ingo check cashing program is managed by the partner. Mappings from a Netspend account ID to an Ingo customer ID are made on demand in the Netspend system using the DOB and SSN on file for the Netspend account holder.

Sample Flow

This diagram presents a possible flow making use of the remote deposit endpoints. Similar to the illustration above, Sue has created an account via the partner’s application and has a physical check in hand she would like to use to fund the account. She clicks to fund, by way of scan, and follows the steps to get there.